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Dollars Days for Daisy

Dollars Days for Daisy
Dollars Days for Daisy
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Daisy is need of another scan so we are asking you to just gather some spare change to help. We are beginning with $1 Wednesday the $2 Thursday through to the end of Feb which will end in a $7 Wednesday on the 28th of Feb.

No need to play by the rules, if it's a Saturday and you only have $1 or $2 dollars then go ahead and donate, it will be much appreciated. On the flip side and you want to donate more then we are always happy for that so feel free to donate any amount you like. You will find all donation details here in Daisy's section of the site. 

You can also read all about Daisy and why we need to do all we can for this gorgeous girl who wants nothing more than to live.

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